Gavin Hamilton
VP Business Development
Anne-Marie Hamilton
Director of Marketing
Carrie Pansegrau Executive Assistant
Kim Sylvester Office/Store Manager
Theresa Molley Accounting Department
Kevin Bain Media Relations
Andrew Deans Ticket Sales Executive
Dr. Mike Bobyn Club Physician
Dr. Mike Shepherd Club Physician
Dr. Mike Muzzin Club Chiropractor
Art Fraser Club Physiotherapist
Dr. Boyd R. Cumming Club Dentist
Dr. Mark Provencher Club Dentist
Dr. Sokhi Sandhu Club Dentist
Dr. Keelan Tymkiw Club Dentist
Peter Soberlak Club Sports Psychology Consultant
Darren Wishlow Team Education Advisor
Kris Mallette Billet Coordinator
Tim Schroeder Team Chaplain
Theresa Molley Director of Transportation
Greg Link/Mel Billings Bus Driver
Chaydyn Johnson Equipment manager
Mel Garratt Assistant Equipment Manager
Bill Barnes Public Address Announcer
Dan Fogarty Music Coordinator
SW Audio Visual Video Replay
Marissa Baecker Team Photographer
Cindy Rogers Team Photographer
Jane Bowering Office Assistant
Jenn McDonnell Store Assistant
Ryan Watters Game Host
Vanessa Bobbitt Promotions Team Supervisor
Chance Flynn Rockets Promotions
Selina Carolei Rockets Promotions
Michelle Apchin Rockets Promotions
Jenny Kenny Rockets Promotions
Brianna Bobbitt Rockets Promotions
Emily Sali Rockets Promotions
Georgia Hamilton Rockets Promotions
Wynne Hamilton Rockets Promotions
Ava Hamilton Rockets Promotions
Jasmine Koutsantonis Rockets Promotions
Anya Mallo Rockets Promotions
Payton Hamilton Rockets Promotions
Craig Campbell Mascot
Quinn Mulligan Director of Analytics