Kelowna Rockets 2021 Off-Ice Testing Results

Photo Credit: Paige Bednorz

The Kelowna Rockets players underwent their off-ice fitness testing at CNC on Saturday morning before wrapping up training camp on Sunday.

The Rockets would like to thank Mark Fitzgerald and Travis Martell of Kelowna High Performance and BT Sport Science for running the players through all of their tests.

Below are the top results from each test and well as the top 10 overall combine ranks:

Top 10 Overall Combine Performers
1. Jackson DeSouza
2. Rilen Kovacevic
3. Steel Quiring
4. John Babcock
5. Mark Liwiski
6. Marcus Pacheco
7. Logan Dochuk
8. Pavel Novak
9. Jake Lee
10. Ethan Neutens

Standard Combine Testing
Test Top Score Player
10 yd sprint (s) 1.612 Pavel Novak
10 yd fly-in (s) 1.215 Turner McMillen
5/10/5 (s) 4.359 Turner McMillen
300 yd shuttle 1 (s) 53.50 Jackson DeSouza
300 yd shuttle 2 (s) 57.29 Jackson DeSouza
300 yd shuttle diff. (s) -0.61 Gabriel Szturc


Vertical Countermovement Jump
Test Top Score Player
Max force (N) 3071 Mark Liwiski
Max power (W/KG) 82.9 Mark Liwiski
Max velocity (M/S) 3.39 Logan Dochuk
Imbalance take-off (%) 1.4 Turner McMillen
Jump Height (cm) 65.3 Jake Lee


Vertical Squat Jump
Test Top Score Player
Max force (N) 2346 Mark Liwiski
Max power (W/KG) 72.0 Logan Dochuk
Max velocity (M/S) 3.18 Logan Dochuk
Imbalance take-off (%) 0.2 Andrew Cristall
Jump Height (cm) 56.3 Jake Lee


Hamstrings – Eccentric Contraction
Test Top Score Player
Max force (N) 489 John Babcock
Relative force (N/kg) 6.34 Turner McMillen
Imbalance (%) 0.2 Pavel Novak


Hip/Groin – Adduction/Abduction
Test Top Score Player
Max force adduction (N) 670 Jace Moffatt
Imbalance Adduction (%) 1.7 Pavel Novak
Max force abduction (N) 563 Gabriel Szturc

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