Billet Families

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With the start of the season right around the corner, the Kelowna Rockets are currently accepting applications for billet families for the 2023-2024 hockey season.

Being a billet family is an incredibly rewarding experience. Billets become a second family to each player and are an integral part of helping them grow both on the ice and off the ice. Our players and billets create long and lasting relationships that often continue after their WHL playing days are over.

If you are interested in hosting a player for the upcoming season please fill out the questionnaire below.

Frequently asked questions can be found below the form.

Billet Family Program FAQ

What is a billet?

When a Kelowna Rockets player makes the roster from outside of Kelowna, he moves to here to play for the Rockets.

Billeting is when a Rockets player, between the ages of 15 and 21, lives with a family away from home during the hockey season.

Billet families open their homes to take Rockets players into them, where they become part of their family throughout the hockey season.

Do billet families get paid?

Yes, Rockets billet families also receive season tickets.

What is required to become a Rocket billet family? 

A family is required to supply a player with their own room, meals and internet access. A billet family must live within the City of Kelowna.

How long do Rockets players stay with their billet families?

Rockets players arrive prior to the start of training camp, at the end of August.

During the season, players depart for their hometowns in mid-December for the holiday break to spend time with their families back home.

They then return to Kelowna on December 26th and remain here until the end of the season, which typically comes to an end between April and May.

How do you become a billet family for the Rockets?

Potential billet families are asked to fill out an application on this webpage. The Rockets billet coordinator will contact you to discuss the program further with you.

How many players do Rockets billet families host?

Typically Rockets billet families will take in one to two players into their homes.